Get the music mix that’s in tune with your business.

Overhead Music Your business is unique; your store atmosphere should be just as distinctive! Dynamic Productions will make it happen with complete background music services that are customizable to an endless variety of musical tastes. Whether you operate a pharmacy, grocery store, restaurant, spa, hotel, bar or department store, we can create the perfect music blend from our vast music library of over 2 million music tracks!

If you currently use a radio as your in-store background sound, you have to put up with competitor advertising, announcer chit chat and radio static. Our Virtual Jukebox ends those annoyances instantly. Play the music that matches the tastes of your target market right now! With extensive playlists and available day-parts covering time of day and every conceivable music genre, Dynamic Productions will create the appealing atmosphere you want. You can even block music by song or by artist.

Dynamic Productions is an official distributor of Virtual Jukebox in Canada. Our system includes full clearance and payment of public performance rights in Canada.

And here’s a valuable bonus: if you’re looking for a new revenue stream, Dynamic Productions Virtual Jukebox provides a pay-per-play option that can earn you additional revenue when your customers request a song.

Dynamic Productions will find your brand’s personality and create a custom music match to fit your business perfectly. Contact us today for a free quote.